OCCRA Teams - Read This!

Since the OCCRA forum has been deemed “for questions only,” I’m going to post this here…the HyperRules system now includes OCCRA 2003! Well, yes and no…all the data is in the system, but I’m asking for the approval of OCCRA to officially release everything. I’m hoping everything went well at kickoff yesterday, but just in case something did go wrong, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag quite yet…as soon as I get a reply to this thread from an official OCCRA source, I will unlock the OCCRA rules set! It will be available at http://hyperrules.chiefdelphi.com/newdesign/ once it is unlocked. Enjoy!

Just a quick FYI to everybody…the Hyper Rules system for OCCRA is now available. See the link in my signature to get to it.