[OCCRA]: Thanks are in order...

Thanks Walled Lake Northern 802 for hosting tonight’s event! Everyone had a blast!! :slight_smile: We always enjoy coming out to your facility.

Yea, much thanks to WLN for hosting the event

no problem… we always enjoy hosting the OCCRA regionals… not to mention i think we just swayed our new principal to favoring robotics.

Yes, a good time - once we got to the place. I think the Mapquest directions to Atlanta are less complicated. :wink: Aren’t there any roads beyond M-5 that go straight? :smiley:

Congrats to the winners.

yea… you just take commerce to commerce to south commerce… lol

We always love hosting OCCRA Tournaments. I’m pretty sure everyone that was a part of the event had a great time.

And yes, there are a few roads off of M-5 that go straight to WLN, but they can be very confusing. Always remember Commerce and Commerce in Commerce :slight_smile: