[OCCRA]: This OCCRA Programming Forum

As we start the 2011 OCCRA (Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association) season a new emphasis is being placed upon exploring programming with the robots and the VEX component.

This sub-forum has been created to allow the OCCRA Teams to share information.

Please, Please respect this space for OCCRA Teams. OCCRA IS different from FIRST.

OCCRA robots are 100% student designed and built - non precision robots, very similar to FIRST robots. Additionally VEX is a key component as the VEX robots play side by side with the “Big Boys” and there is interaction of game pieces.

So all you FIRST’ers please allow the OCCRA teams to not be distracted by suggestions and ideas that they cannot apply due to rules. Adults can TEACH but cannot assist in creation on any aspect of their effort… pure student created competitive robots.

Please hold back your advice unless it is general in nature.

The ONLY official answers come from Myself and Marc Center. Marc Center by far has the most experience.

Mike Martus