[OCCRA]: Thoughts on second competition

So how did everyone think the second competition went? I know that our team was disappointed that our bot didn’t live up to the expectations we had for it, though it still did great anyway. Anyone out there planning major changes to their robot? Did your ideas work as well as you expected? Lets get some action in these forums and some serious robot discussion. 2 out of 4 tournaments down till championships…

we are planing to call extreme makeover to fix our robot up
or have us do it haha
our arm didn’t preform the way we had hoped
at least we were in every match that was scheduled for us yesterday yesss!! haha

The level of competition has definitely jumped up a notch since Walled Lake. I was impressed with the number of robots that successfully used the foreceps method to pick up and place red balls in the tower. In addtion, the interaction between teams on the field has increased as well. I’m glad to see defense on the field again especially after lack of it from FIRST 2005. As for the robots themselves, I saw many amazing performers, and also many teams with great strategies. The competition was wonderful (thank you OCCRA and Orchard Lake St. Mary’s), and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Southfield next week!


There was alot of competition out there last night. This game is definantly alot more exciting than last years. I was really only dissapointed that we only won 1 of our matches, but we did hang consistantly. the only match we didn’t was when we up against team 4 the first time and they played defense really well against us. Not sure if we’tre planing on modifying anything before southfield, but we are planning something for Championships. See you all thursday!

Our team is still going strong. Have a bit of a fat robot… but were going to fix that. Next week is our bye so hopefully we don’t break anything and can turn some heads in two weeks. Overall the competition is going up and I like the offense. Defense was more prevalent at St Mary’s but i don’t think there will be too much of that.

we did okay on the bees.
they still beat us though.
i will try to not push them where theyneed to be to score next time haha

The main problem that we had was that the wires in our box were not secured. That alone cost us 2 matches. Plus we blew the drive train fuses for another match- that really sucked. Oh well, that stuff happens. And yeah, we are planning some major changes, but not for Southfield. I guess you guys will all find out at the Championship :stuck_out_tongue: