[OCCRA]: VEX Bot Delay?

Hey, we were wondering if any other teams were experiencing a 2 second delay with their VEX bot. If so, does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks!

IDK - Maybe it had something to do with this:

What code are you using? RobotC has a built-in delay of 2 seconds on purpose, added by the developers. If it’s not the competition template, it may be in the file that’s included as a reference for the competition template. It’s manifested exactly how you would expect, “wait1Msec(2000)”.

Jack Jones: The Field Control problems you referred to are for the big robots, not the VEX robots. Some of the big robots were spontaneously loosing connection.

daltore: As far as I know, most of the OCCRA VEX teams except me are using EasyC, since it is the “recommended programming language of OCCRA, VEX robots” (rule VGR11, VEX building rules).

I am using MPlab and have never had a problem with delays at all. Out of curiosity, are any of the other OCCRA teams using MPlab for their VEX robots?

One idea that may help is to reload your mastercode. Mr. Center mentioned at one of the workshops that sometimes just reloading that will fix your problem.

We use RobotC with VEXNet in Clean Sweep – no delays. We aren’t part of OCCRA.

I don’t know what the “VEX Bot delay” is that folks are talking about for sure, but let me take a stab at it.
OCCRA is using VEXnet for the first time this year. The VEXnet field control program automatically stops when it transitions from Autonomous to Operator Control. I assume this allows the referee’s to score the autonomous event and then start the operator control portion after hitting the resume field in the VEXnet Field control program (on my laptop).
In OCCRA, we score real time. So, the “VEX Bot delay” is transition time it takes a student to see the resume field appear on the laptop, click to begin it with a mouse, and then the program to operate, enabling the operator control program.
For OCCRA, we would like to have the “resume” feature disabled to automatically enter operator control mode. Perhaps in the near future, IFI, can release this new “feature” in a VEXnet field control program update. BTW, I would also like the “resume” button that pops up to be a contrasting color to the laptop display to enhance visibility.

I am guessing that most OCCRA teams aren’t using the full field controller, they’re using a little box with two buttons to make a enable/auton switch. However, switching the Auton switch from AUTON to TELEOP would not cause a delay in the Disabled switch in practice, like it does in competition. So, if there is no delay when using the disable box, then it is a competition controller thing.

In the VEX competition control system, it acts that way too, with a pause in between Auto and TeleOp by default, but there’s a little box you can check to disable that and go straight into TeleOp. Is that not present on whatever program you’re using? If not, maybe you could make use of the VEX competition field management system.