[OCCRA]: VEX mode switch

VGR11 states that we must use VEX sensors. I would like to use a standard toggle switch to select the autonomous start position, wired to a DI on the Vex RC. Does this count as a sensor? It would be pre-set before a match and not touched during a match.

The Game and Kit committee as well as the VEX committee has decided the following:

The VEX kit contains three kinds of switches. A bumper switch, a lever switch, and a jumper switch. Marc Center will be showing in the VEX workshop coming up soon.

He will be showing a Vex presentation at the OCCRA workshop on how to use the VEX jumper switch to select between programs to allow different programming options.

Selection of auto modes is important because the team can switch between blue and red position programs without reprogramming at the event.

Therefore the answer is NO you cannot use other switches.