[OCCRA]: WARNING! Inspections

Several areas of concern:

  1. Many teams had bolts and sharp edges under the robot. Inspectors this next event will not allow any protrusion that will damage the carpet. last week several robots did major damage to the field.

  2. Several teams had very POOR numbers. Please make sure the numbers meet the rules.

  3. Remove your radios from your control board. Pack them away.

  4. If testing your robot in the pit area a tether cord is required. Violation will result in severe sanctions. This is dangerous to the other teams.

  5. VEX robots MUST run on a tether cord also… the above applies.

  6. Do not wait until the last second to request a Placebo robot. this is your responsibility.

  7. The human players were confused in a major way. A. EACH HP can start the match with a ball in their hand. Each alliance has two Human Players. 1 is under the basket and 1 is at the vex field sitting down.