[OCCRA]: Well, Regioinal #1 is in the books

how did you all think you did? and also, could you upload any photos from the comp? i’d like to see some of em

Well, I think my team did pretty well :slight_smile:

No pictures though, unfortunatly.

We did pretty well considering we had drive train issues the whole time but that is solved and I guess 2nd place isn’t bad and congrats to everyone else. :slight_smile:

at least your bot got a signal from your radio :rolleyes:

HEY we had trouble with our radio for the second match too!!! it was in the very very far corner and we kept losing signal the whole match!!! other than that i think we did really well actually…the middle tow matches we had issues haha, but it as good. I have to admit, i was surprised at how good some where and how many still needed a lot of work, they had potential, just needed more time

Yeah, but that sounds like a range thing. Our cable popped out.

Loss of signal and the radio trouble some teams had are a result of some basic issues caused by the teams themselves.

  1. Make sure your radio has the cable attached and tightened down. Several teams had the connections loose.

  2. The radio must be attached to the driver control station. Putting the antenna in the vertical position may help. What is really the issue is the radios with antennas that are damaged and loose on the mounting.

  3. If you are loosing signal and all of the above has been checked - replace the cable. The cables are very fragile and they were not really designed for the abuse we give them.

At the event if you suspect radio issues please ask Jim or myself to monitor your signal during the match.

One last note: A team in the pit area was running their robot without the tether cable and it caused a dangerous situation on the playing field. You CANNOT run/test your robot without the tether cable attached. No exceptions!

also if your battery drops below 8v at any time, the radio shuts off

I would like to congratulate my former team, 65, because from what I heard, they did an outstanding performance and obtained 3rd place! Way to go, Huskies!

I wish I was able to see and help at this past competition, I am very eager to see these robots in action! :slight_smile: