[OCCRA]: What are you looking forward for this seasons OCCRA? =D

Hopefully it’ll be as fun as FIRST…=D


Welcome Scott… you are the first rookie to register on CD from our team.

Well Im not sure but Jermey and one girl also have registered too =D
Not so sure if I was the first…=/ =D
Was the first to make a thread ^^

Does the lack of comments means that nobody’s lookong forward to OCCRA this year?!?!?

Ok, I’ll bite: I’m looking forward to seeing our robot in action (we’re trying a few things different this year), as well as to Roeper’s very first home tournament!

I’m looking forward to being able to finally be able to be a part of OCCRA as a team mentor. I graduated two years ago, and was away at school last year, but being home this year, i can finally help out a bit.

Please remember that the rules for help from coaches apply to all ADULTS including student mentors.

LOL I know!! I guess people are busy with building there OCCRA Robot, that they don’t come online at all? xD

Oh really? =D We’re coming along pretty good =D
Lol yea I know hopefully ur home tournament will be a blast =D
Never went to a OCCRA game before…=/…rookie =D

LOL that’s great =D
One of our mentor just came back also =D

I guess people who knows OCCRA don’t come online very much =/…=D

I know I pumped for some OCCRA excitement!

I can’t wait for the OCCRA season to start! I’m mostly curious to see how all these different teams went about playing this years game. The game this year is awesome!!! I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.


LOL I know huh… xD

LOL haha very funny Sam =D
Yea shoot…I can’t wait =D


Ok, after tonight, I am DEFININETLEY looking forward to next week. See you all @ Roeper!

Oh, and I’d like to thank everyone for a GREAT competition tonight, especially Chief and Walled Lake for their help in getting our microcontroller working.