[OCCRA]: where you are

how far are teams in their build or planning of their robots? us, team 23 north farmington has been working busily, with no delays, going right on schedule… which gets created as we go along… but yea. wondering how teams are faring with the new game, bigger box… any hints from any team on what they plan to do? how they might do it?
well. our team’s hint would be… its gonna be sweeet :smiley:

Hey 23, i think we were teamed with you in the occra champs last year… but we had electrical problems… well this year i was on the ball i actually desgined the chasis over the summer in cad. then the day after kick off i anaimated what i thought our robot would do, but it was against the Human Player rules so we scrapped the idea and now we have a 2nd chasis cadded out and some drawings for appendage that shoud be in the process of finalization as i type.

we’ll start sooner or later…

Weve been planning like crazy, and I cant wait to start building, think we’ll be prototyping next week.

ooooh seems we’re ahead of the game then. :smiley: we will probably have our chassis rolling by tomorrow. cant wait till everyone starts posting thier plans and designs… obviously we are gonna be quiet about how our robot is gonna be… well one hint is that we have a chassis. and it will roll. so anyone can assume it has wheels somewhere… in some direction. maybe one, maybe two, maybe three, maybe foour, maybe five, maybe six, maybe seven, maybe eight, maybe nine…
we got some new toys this year such as a niiiice shop saw… watch out! we’re using them

aye we are way ahead of the game… only a whole week or so behind…

YAY! we are now rolling!

i am AMAZED at how slow these occra boards are moving along at. or not moving at all. are there only like 5 people from occra here? :eek:

I’m here, but no longer on a team; I’m on the game committee :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, we’re definitely looking forward to what you guys have to offer this year! All the progress sounds great. Keep it up, and see you guys at the first competition.


oh… darn… that sucks…

Hmmmm…Let’s see. We’ve basically designed, but have no materials. So, it’s been about almost two weeks and few things have happened. Our shop is clean and organized, so i guess that’s a good think. Hopefully we’ll be going by end of this week.

clean and organized? wow… we havent seen that since… hmm. 3 years ago? ish?

what are you talking about ryo, everything is vaccumed sorted and put away in nice little labled boxes. How dare you say that we havnt seen clean and organized in 3 years. We are organized and by tomorrow we should be ready to drive too.

we could acully see our floor the first week… then we borred and started doing random stuff… well probably start the robot sometime this month…

We cleaned up shop and now we have a rough design, just have to refine it and start building.

yay! we drove our robot today! we are WAY ahead of the crowd now. btw what is everyone’s thoughts on how everyone’s center of gravity might be high? obviously mounting the battery low will help but what other ways could help?(no obvious answers like build a robot thats only 10 inches tall please)

as far as keep the C.G low … our team does things such as adding weight in the lower portions of the robot … i.e. battery, compressor, heavy wheels(if weight allows), and motors … this year my team face the same problem as we did last year … our chasis is only going to be aroung 40 lbs or 55 with the battery so were going to drop in some solid steel shaft to add a few pound to the lower part of the robot

hmm. we havent weighed our robot at all yet but i unno… i have a feeling its already well over 40 lbs. every year we push out weight limit so i dont think we’re gonna have any solid steel as extra weight on our robot…
i unno how many people are gonna respond to this Q but how many teams are building their robot to the max dimensions? or close to it?
hint our robot wont fit in the back of an explorer. we know that much already. lol.

Wow an entire weekend and no posts. I don’t think that ever happened last year. Maybe everyone else is too busy designing and building to bother with the forums. Of course or bot will most likely be build and fully functional by the end of the week. After that just the small modifications and tweaking. Personally I cant wait to see it score some balls.