[OCCRA]: why dont i see excitement for occra as much right now?

we have only a few more days but theres no threads on speculation on what the game is gona be like? (i wannt it to be underwater) lol. but no… um i cant concentrate on my college apps… i NEED to know what the game is!!! pointless thread i know. sorry. just cant contain my excitement. blah. so ill be going back to writing my essays now… :frowning:

All is quiet regarding OCCRA. We are starting earlier and school for most students will start on this Tuesday. I know my team has NOT met yet - they will do so Tuesday.

Thursday will be the Start of the season and Kick - off at Oakland Schools.
The organizers of OCCRA seem to be ready (I think). Many new teams as we are growing to the max.

Game hint 2005:

  1. It will not involve water!
  2. It will not be the same as last year!
  3. It will present new engineering challenges.
  4. It is very simple to score (add up who wins)
  5. It is easy to set up the simple field configuration.
  6. It is still 2 vs 2 alliances.
  7. NO there is no autonomous mode.

I hope that this get some interest.