[OCCRA]: wondering?

I can’t wait for OCCRA season to start up again. I wonder what kind of a game they will come up with. I would like to see the game your robot have to play offense and defense.

You can be assured that the game will be easy to score, easy to play and have NO penalties structured into it.

The Game design group will be meeting soon for the game development.

I will keep you all posted.

let me get this right on what you are telling me. so there wont be any penalties for the new game?

What about the VEX portion? Should we consider using the 2008 official VEX field as the field for OCCRA’s 2009 VEX game?

I think Mr. Martus is just referring to the OCCRA game design committee’s philosophy of limiting or eliminating penalties as a part of gameplay.

That’s not what he is saying.

In the 2009 there was a rule called (G14), which was a penalty that if you outscored your opponents too much you would be penalized.

In 2008 there was a rule (G22) that didn’t allow you to run the track in the wrong direction.

Each of these rules were/are considered a game flaw. So what Mr. Martus is saying is that the game OCCRA will come up with will be one that doesn’t need a penalty rule to keep people having fun.

I see, thank you for clearing that up for me chief pride. still wondering about the game. ^-^

bc some teams not getting money from sponsers, should this year game be like tech challenge? so its less money for everyone.

OCCRA teams do not have individual sponsors. The corporate sponsors support the program as a whole.

sure but there is still shortage of money