Octanis- Discobots 2587

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Octocanum drive
4" VEXpro Mecanums at 12:72 gear ratio.
4" Versa Wheels at 12:72 gear * 18:40 sprocket .
VEXpro Drive in a Day chassis.
Powered by 4xCIM and 4xMini CIM.

10" stroke Dual pneumatic piston launcher.

3- 7/8 Banebots & 4" VEXpro Mecanums.
AM 9015 into a 12:1 Versa Planetary.

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Good luck teams! See you at Dallas Regional and Lone Star Regional.

May I ask why you are using two different durometers of the banebots wheels on your intake?

Are you using AndyMark churros as hex shaft? How well have they worked in that role? It looks like you may have replaced the intake roller with VexPro hex shaft later, since half the video features a black hex shaft there. It seems like you experience significant deflection on that shaft while a ball passes through your intake. Are you concerned about this at all? Is absorbing some of the energy with your shaft part of your design for a high powered intake?

Those will be changed to the same durometer before competition. We were testing the differences between the two wheels.

We changed and will be using black VEXpro hex for the shaft. Churro tube was easier to prototype at the time but not competition worthy.

I love the Mecanum wheels on the collector, and the wiring is superb!

Thanks. Just trying to keep up with you guys.

I was wondering if anyone would use the drive in a day like this. Looks fantastic and well implemented.

I love them mecanums! Totally genius :slight_smile: