Octocanum robots at St. Louis

I am currently designing an octocanum robots for off season and would like to know if any teams at STL have an octocanum on their bot. Thanks

Not 100% sure but I think 1816 has something like octanum or butterfly. They are in Carson.

If you are thinking about using this for an FRC game 1678 made a really good presentation on strategic design https://youtu.be/SVacrE4sKig?t=6m3s


I believe 6419 has one, they’re on Tesla.

3284 Camdenton 4-H laser has a really cool octocanum drive. They will be on Tesla.

We also have a new drivetrain called sidewinder that has the same benefits as octocanum, but it only uses one piston to actuate the module. Come check us out, we will also be in Tesla.


I was hesitant to even ask, seeing as octocanum and 1086 go together like cheddar and monteray jack :wink:

Curious how happy teams were with it and if they feel the pros outweigh the cons. Can anyone speak to that briefly on here?