OCULUS QUEST version of the VR Field is now avaialble

Now you can take your 2020 INFINITE RECHARGE field with you where ever you go because the QUEST doesn’t require a PC.

It’s a great way to get sponsor engaged as well as team members and parents!

Check it out here: https://library.automationdirect.com/oculus-quest-vr-simulation-of-the-2020-first-robotics-infinite-recharge-game-field/

From your friendly neighborhood animation crew at AutomationDirect.com

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I was hoping someone would get this working on the Quest - excited time go home tonight and check it out!

Yeah, It’s way too cool. Just beware, that if you haven’t done a Side Load of an app it will take you a while to get system setup to do it. Follow the included instructions very closely.

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