Odd FRC Characterization Results

So I ran the frc-characterization tool (v2020.231) using our 2019 robot to get an understanding of the tool and the graphed results seem significantly different based on the docs and all the other topics I’ve read on the tool.

Time-Domain Results
Voltage-Domain Results
3D - Plot

Robot drove approximately ~18 ft. forward/backwards with the same behavior as shown in the frc-docs example video.

Drivetrain is a 4 CIM drive using a WCP 2 Motor Flipped Gearbox with CTRE Mag encoders

(I apologize for our bad wiring)

I tested the navX and encoder readings using standalone code and they are consistent with what we should expect (90 degree rotation is correct, single rotation of wheels returns ~4096 counts).

4201CarbonCharacterizationTests.rar (308.9 KB)

There is something very wrong with your reported encoder values. I’m at a loss to say what exactly, without more information, but there are some obvious artifacts in the velocity which are causing it to report either zero or an erroneously-inflated value some of the time.

What firmware version are on drivetrain Talons? Did you use the vendordep from the tool (15.7.2) or a different version?

I did more thorough testing and found that the left encoder mount was tightened too much, causing the position of the left encoder to look like a staircase when graphed using Phoenix Tuner. Loosening the mount fixed the issue.

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