Odd Mispelling on FIRST site

I was looking at our team’s history and what awards we’ve won, and (don’t ask how) I noticed “Entrepreneurship” was spelt wrong, not once but twice. It says “Entrepreunership”


So the first thing I did was to check if everyone’s was spelt wrong of it was just ours. Well it’s split. Some have it right some have it wrong. I clicked on some other teams to see who’d won it and here’s what I got (in no specific order)

Correct Spelling: 397, 503, 1504, 2062, 1983, 476, 1566
Incorrect Spelling: 27, 234, 75
(Sorry if I didn’t include you, I just randomly clicked on a regional and picked the team that had won the award)

Oddly enough it is the lowest number teams that have the mistake, anyone got ideas on why this could be? Do you think the data is entered into each individual team by hand, or if it is somehow taken from each regional and automatically updated?

It appears that there is no correlation between the year that the team won the award and whether or not the spelling is correct, as 27, 234, and 503 were past winners, however all the other teams are '08 winners.

If you’ve won the award can you please check and see if entrepreneurship is spelt right under your team.

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Team 16 won at Bayou and ours is spelled correctly. “Things I learned in FIRST”: how to spell entrepreneurship;)

Congratulations to all the KPC&B winners - hope your spelling started out better than mine!

We will have our Business and Organizational Plan out at our Hall of Fame booth. Please bring yours by - we would love to see them all - and we can put them out for others to look at if you would like.

Given the topic of this thread it was practically certain that “misspelling” would be misspelled. The world is irony all the way to the core.