Odd PWM problem (Can't get full green)

It should work with fine with longer pulse windows. The frequency is unimportant, so long as it is quick enough to not trip the watchdog, and slow enough to still be legible. The width is the important factor.

Understood. But I want to mimic the cRIO’s signal as closely as possible.

I forgot to ask: what period does the cRIO use for the Vic PWM signal?

5ms on Jaguar, 10ms on Victor, 20ms on Servo. There’s some nice comments in the PWM source code.

The comment says jaguar is actually 5.05ms, but I can’t view the scope plots to confirm.

Thanks Joe.

I’ve updated the app, if anyone’s interested.

Available here.

BTW, an earlier version of this was used in June on an old Compaq DeskPro 2000 running FreeDOS 0.84 to run a Vic driving a CIM on a dynamometer. Oscilloscope traces of the waveform showed the pulse width generated by the app was accurate to within +/-0.001 milliseconds of the operator setting.