Odd things you see at an FRC Regional

Saw this at this year’s SMR regional. Gold chain with a Steamworks Gear :ahh:

You know, if we’re gonna talk about odd things we saw, I saw a dude in a red morph suit dancing at CNY…

And it totally wasn’t me at all winks

If odd is normal at FRC events, then are these things really odd?

I’ve come to accept the fact that I could see anything at an FRC event and take it to be normal now.


all i have to say about that picture is that it is unsafe. Other than that its a good way to show you bought a $40 gear that’s only usable for 9 weeks

So you are the hero they speak of. How did you have so much energy to dance the whole day?

Glad you liked it Mentor FRC3140 SMR RI

If he’s not careful, he’s going to OG…

I was paid $40 by my mom for me to wear a purple princess dress, a tiara and carry a wand during FIRST stronghold at Reading High School. My brother didn’t want to wear the pink one unfortunately so we convinced another member to wear it but he “only” wore it for half an hour. I wore it literally the whole day! The second day I didn’t because it was to hot indoors and I was getting nausea from the heat without the dress. I did however go to the dollar tree store in my dress with the tiara and wand so I could by tiaras and wands for everyone on the team that willingly would have them. The girls on the team were so excited to have wands! A little too excited :ahh: but it certainly helped with team spirit! :smiley:

There was also a guy covered in buttons with a rainbow llama attached to his chest at CNY…

side note: you guys really confused us because from a distance, your shirts and sweatshirts look very similar to ours (I’m from team 639)

More like 15 weeks though. Or in your case, more like 9 months.

I mean… I was at a competition… Does that count?