Odometry not Updated During Autonomous

Hello Everyone, My team is attempting to use Path Planner for our autonomous this year but for some reason it looks like the Pose of the robot never updates in autonomous. It will update just fine in teleop and it seems to accurately describe our position when it updates. However in autonomous it will only display its starting coordinates. The update is in our drive subsystems periodic and it runs but I have not been able to determine why this updates in only Teleop. I would really appreciate some help on this one. The link to the code is below.

Code: Competition-2022/2022-Competition/src/main/java/frc/robot at PathPlanner · Titans2620/Competition-2022 · GitHub

It looks like your odometry calculation in the DriveSubsystem periodic is based on chassisSpeeds that aren’t being set in your autonomous.

Yep, that was the issue. After a few hours we were able to figure it out. Thanks.

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