# of team members

How many team members are on your team? We currently have 9.

We probably have about 12 high school kids all told on our team.

I think our last count was 42, but that may be off by a few.

Currently right now, we have 15 students on our team.

We have 32 kids.

We have 25 kids but 6 or 7 of them are from another High School that will have FIRST next year. About 15 active members.

We had about 30 something when we started but it’s dropped to under 30. You always get some that are interested at first but sometimes only show up at the first few meetings then loose interest or decide it’s not for them.

We have about 18, but only about 8-10 are active.

we have about a dozen that actually do a lot on the team and about a lil over 20 if you count every one. we also are a combination of 2 high schools in town.

We have about 35. Our first year we had 22, and thought it was too few. Our 2nd year, we had 42, and that was to many. The past three years we’ve had about 35 and it seems to be a good number for us.

We have a total of 18 members and remarkably we had 16 come on two or more of the days of the Philly regional which is a record breaker for us. Only about 6 students are active in building/programing, which works pretty well for us, however 5 of those students are seniors which poses a problem for when we graduate.

For our next regional we are going down on Wed. with only 3 students and 2 mentors!!! Others are coming down on either Thurs or Fri for a grand total of 3 mentors and 5 students! Have any other teams gone to a regional with this few number of people? Have you been able to handle it and come out successfully? We are used to having a very small team and handled Houston with only 7 students, however this will be the smallest ever at a competition. Its funny this is a year of firsts for us, greatest number at a competition as well as the least.

We currently have 34 memebers with about 10-15 that carry the team.
The other kids do some things, but its 10-15 that carry the team and do most of the work, volenteer, etc.

I think we have about 20-30 team members. There are usually only 5-10 in the pits during competition, but lots of other people are doing important things like scouting, filming, or doing chairmans and stuff. We also have a good crew of animators and people like that.

We (team 25) have about 25-30 members, each of which are active with our team and during competitions, whether it be through being in the stands and cheering, scouting, programming, working in the pits, driving the robot, or countless other things.

We currently have 17 members, 16 of which are high school students and 1 eight grader. I would say about 10 are constat workers. Last year, we had seven studnets, 3-4 of which really did most of the work.

we have about 25 members, but around 10 really “hard core” members

We started off with over 80 who signed up for the team. Once the membership fee of $20 came in, our team went down to 60 members. By the time January 10 came along, our team was down to 13 (those who went to the Ontario Science Centre to see the satellite feed for the kick-off). By the time we started building, our team was down to 6 to 8 people. Last week (during our school’s march/winter break) we had a meeting regarding strategy and that was down to 2 (myself and our mentor). :frowning:

We have about 20.

Getting 20 members is one thing…
Getting them to do somthing contructive is another…

There are too many members that just seem to fool around or are on the team because it is cool. Do any other teams out there have problems like that?

We have had a few problems getting people to do something constructive. It seems that a lot of the time half the members were taking gameboy breaks while the other half of the team worked.

We have that problem too…apparantly they found a chinese food place that delievers :rolleyes:

that happened to us, though not as drastically…we started with like 40-50 then it slowly trickled down each meeting

winter break was like 3 or 4 students each day plus the 3 engineers, some parents and a teacher :slight_smile: