# of team that used selectable mecanum or traction wheels at 2014 champs

I saw a team that had a pneumatic driven wheel selector system that either exposed a mecanum wheel else a traction wheel on each corner of their robot this past week at champs. The mecanum wheels seemed to be 4-5". Anyone know what team # that was ?

I’m aware of several teams that had an articulating drivetrain this season. I’ll list those I know of as well as I can recall:

1732- Butterfly: 4" omnis and 4"x 1.5" traction- 1 CIM per module
3847- Butterfly: 2" wide traction- 1 CIM and 1 miniCIM per module
4265- Octocanum: 6" mecanums and 4" Colson- 1 CIM and 1 miniCIM per module

3928 had several different Butterfly modules on display in their pit.

I know Talon Robotics (2502) used that system this year. It is typically referred to as Octocanum. I suspect a handful of other teams may have used it as well.

3928 used Butterfly (omni and traction in the front, double traction in the back)

That sounds like an octacanum drive and I know 3928 Neutrino does something similar.

I believe octocanum is what you are describing.

There were several teams with an octocanum setup, with both Mecanum and Traction/Colson wheels.

Unfortunately, I dont know any team numbers off hand, but searching octocanum may yield more results, search tool here

488 octocanum

3309 ran octacanum as well

And, along with 488, both were in the same division as 1310, so it may be likely that you saw either implementation. We had wheel pods in our pits to show to people that were interested.

In any case, I’d be happy to answer questions you might have about our implementation or about the drive style itself.

Here is a rendering of our drive – http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/39420

Thanks everyone. I am contacting the teams that you mention.
I can say the mecanums were not Andymark or Vex, they might have had steel instead of aluminum sides (maybe even chrome plated).
They appeared to be 4-5". Black rubber wheels. Not necessarily limited to Galelio but most likely. It was at their pit and they did show me an example “pod”

Perhaps us. We found a chinese OEM that made some really good mecanum wheels. Still had to replace them many times during the season, though. I can definitely get you some more details on this, PM me or Mark Sheridan.

4265 used 6" AM Mecs, with 4"x2" colsons. Each module had a 2 speed vexpro ballshifter, driven by 1 Cim & 1 mini-Cim.

A couple corrections, one we switched to using 6 CIMs and 2 MiniCIMs on our drive train for Lone Star and Championship.

Two, it’s now officially called Tex Coast Drive, see here for more information.