# of times you've gone to Nationals?

How many times has you team been to Nationals?

My team three times, the team took a few students and mentors to Disney to watch, but to compete only twice. Houston 03 and Atlanta 04.

me personally i have been twice, once to Houston and once to Atlanta, and i am hoping to go this year as a spectator.

639 has gone once in the last four years (2002). This year will be the second for the team and second for me.

This will be my teams 6th year and my third, I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

my team has gone went to the nationals in 2000, and then we have gone to the championships since 2001 :slight_smile:

I went last year, and I’m going this year. Both as a volunteer.

100 has gone to nationals every year since it’s inception in 1995, except 2003.

Team 84 went every year from 1999 - 2003.

I made the trip four out of the five years.

Team 195 made their first trip in 2003 and we are making our second trip this year.

1023 has gone once before (To Houston). We’re going to Atlanta this year.
This is my first time and I know i’ll be pretty nervous as a driver being there are a lot more people at nationals then a regional.

Myself, I’ve been once. Unfortunately, our team is missing nationals this year, for the first time since our rookie year, in '95. A group of us may still go down and volunteer/watch, but that is still in the works.

Personally, I’ve been to the Championship 3 times to compete with team #93 … Disney in 2001 and 2002, and Houston in 2003.

Hopefully, I’ll be in Atlanta in 2006! :slight_smile:

This is the ArcherGEeks first time at Nationals! YAY! :smiley:

this year will be my 5th trip to the Championship Event

I’ve been to Nationals on the other hand only once :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be my team’s 5th and my 3rd time going to the Championship.

Last year was my first year there. There is an interesting story behind it, but it may be long-winded, I’ll just have to see when I’m done typing. Feel free to skip it :slight_smile:

Last year, we prequalified for the championships on the tier system, but we would have qualified using the points system as well (One EI award, one sportsmanship award, and one regional finalist). I was stoked to go since when we registered. It was to be the pinnacle in my then-short FIRST carreer.

During the season I got very sick, but I did not know it yet. When our team traveled to Phoenix, my health went downhill, and I started a slide that made me lose about 30 pounds between then and Championships (5 weeks!). I went into restrictive dieting, which in turn lessened my appetite, which led to more weight loss.

At this point, it was looking very dismal for me to be going to Atlanta. I wanted to go, but it seemed like my body didn’t. I talked with a new doctor the weekend of the SoCal regional, and some of my restrictive dieting was lifted. So now I could eat, but of course my travel was a question.

I eventually made a decision (originally against the will of my family) to go to championships. Why should I lose the opportunity of a lifetime just because my body wasn’t cooperating? My family eventually supported the decision, so I ended up going.

Now Championships was on my birthday, so I was a bit depressed about not being able to have a cake or anything for the first time in my life. However, as soon as I got to championships, the depression was lifted. I was inspired by all of the people there. I didn’t really have the courage to speak up at the webhug, but I was still thrilled to be in the prescence of such FIRSTers as Andy Baker, Bill Beatty, and many, many more.

So it turned out that going to championships went off without a hitch. Despite not having an ideal birthday, the regret of not talking to anybody at the webhug, or our team coming in last in our division, I still came home knowing that I was happier than when I left.

The moral of the story: going to championships can change your life! I only hope that next year, everyone can have the same experience as I had!

Wow, that did turn out long winded. To everyone who read to this point (or even skimmed), thank you.


I’ve been to Houston in 2003…My team won the Nj regional Engineering Inspiration Award this year so we can go to the national…I hope I can be there

I’ve only been once…but hopefully 3+ more years for me!

I think if I remember correctly, I’ve been to five. I went all four years in high school, and once or twice before that when my brother was competing. I’m not sure though. I’d have to check my records. Lol.

1126 has gone in every year of existence. in 2003 we won buckeye and qualified. in 2004 we won buckeye and qualified also won newton. this year we placed our selves on the list when they opened it up.