[OFF] 2019 Off-season Fantasy First League


OFF (Off-season Fantasy First) was created in 2018 as a way to both get new players interested in SLFF (Season Long Fantasy First) and to let those who just want to draft their favorite events to do so easily.

OFF follows the SLFF rule set with modifications that are being used and tested out for the upcoming SLFF 2020 season.

To sign up, post in one of the draft threads with your Chief Delphi name in the list. Once we move to discord (hopefully temporarily) you will need to join the SLFF discord to draft.

Items of note that have changed from the 2019 rules:

  • You cannot trade pick slots.
  • Once the automated draft runner is in place, there will be no tiered drafts, until then tiers will exist
  • Drafts will be run on Chief Delphi as much as possible. A new automatic draft runner is under construction and some/many drafts will be run on the SLFF discord, with the results posted on Chief Delphi after the fact.
  • Hopefully we get to incorporating the auto runner with the Discourse API, and linked up to Chief Delphi, thus having drafts once again being run on Chief Delphi.

OFF scoring has been modified to mitigate draft position in OFF, the document explaining all the scoring can be found here.

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Leaderboard: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oFTCZ-mN44LLf5jAZjJwJwJr8mQwaD3lrIYtbbLtPtY/edit#gid=0