Off-board relief question

With the recent posting of the inspection checklist, does anyone else have a problem with the (2) relief valve requirement?

I’m not sure that the requirement for the relief valve wasn’t in the rules last year. Note that this is only for teams using the compressor to pre-pressurize the robot before the match, not teams that have the compressor on board the robot.

What caught my attention, however, was this:

____ High-Pressure Regulator - must include an on-robot 120PSI max setting) regulator and visible gauge immediately downstream of the compressor and 125PSI relief valve.

This is definitely different from previous years and, as far as I can tell, is not required in the rule book. Likely a typo and should refer to the 120psi pressure switch, but I would hate to see an inspector asking why we only have one (60psi) regulator on the robot.

Probably needs a Q&A if it isn’t revised shortly.

Thanks for pointing out that the inspection checklist has been published… or at least Rev. A has!


I’ve been vindicated (regarding 2 safety relief valves) :wink:

Not so lucky on part 2 though -

Regarding the High-Pressure Regulator question - the checklist is wrong and needs to be fixed. Thanks for the catch! The same error actually occurs for the Working-Pressure Regulator checklist item. For starters, there isn’t actually any need for a 120PSI regulator since it’s the switch and relief valve that “regulate” to 120PSI.

I don’t have a good excuse for the error. Whoops…

Rule R73 doesn’t require that any regulators be present on the robot. Rule R75-D suggests that the Norgren 60PSI regulator may be off-robot and further requires that, if the Norgren regulator is off-robot, then the on-robot accumulators must be limited to 60PSI.

I’ll update the checklist (I’m sure that this won’t be the first time).

Sorry for any confusion.