[OFF] Laser Lights Tier 3

I feel awful for people who will see these 6 threads on their CD feed.


@Attention is up and I actually put in a list ahead of time this time!

930, but if they aren’t available I’ll take 1259

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thanks so much


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Make sure you swap 1732 for 1259, and I’ll take 6574 for my second
Thanks for this madness.

thank you curtis



I’d like to finish my picks with 706, thank you. Don’t forget to change my first pick to 1259

i tried but it couldn’t do it LOL didn’t catch this until later. spang actually got 1259 in random so you’re stuck with 1732 (should be fixed w/ next update)


okay and spang gets some team that idk since it crashed

okay now finally, third time’s the charm, this is actually the finalized draft

Attention 2194 6823 1306
Akod 930 1732 1792
CurtisB42 1259 6574 2062
SPang 2077 1714 2506

locks at 11 pm cst