Off-Road Segway

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Perhaps you’ve seen the Segway Human Transporter. But have you seen it in camo?

A new company called Off Roads Adventure near Oxford, Miss., is launching off-road Segways. What makes an off-road Segway different from a regular Segway? Head-to-toe camouflage, a metal skid plate to prevent damage on the underside of the body, and, most importantly, studded tires.

“Up until we came along, Segways were strictly inner-city vehicles,” company founder Dan Lundahl says. “Now they’re for everyone – campers, hikers, bird-watchers.”

Those wishing for a more intense off-road experience can spring for Lundahl’s “Stealthy Ground Attack Vehicle,” a Segway equipped with a gun holster. It’s designed to appeal to hunters.

“Fresh Gear” got a sneak peek at the off-road Segway mod in its beta testing stage. Tune in this week to see it in action.

Tearing up the trail

“It allows the Segway to claw through the dirt,” Chris Knight explains as he points out the 10-millimeter studs covering the off-road tires. Knight is a 15-year-old high school student and a beta tester of Lundahl’s new product.

“It gives it that extra traction it needs to stay upright,” he says.

We followed Knight on his loaner off-road Segway in a hilly, wooded area to put the machine through its paces. He rode – helmeted, we should note – through leaves and light mud and down steep slopes, seemingly without any problems.

“Coming down is the easiest part,” Knight says. “It’s going up that’s hard.”

Winch not included

Knight will be the first to say the off-road Segway can only go so far.

“This is going to be pushing the limits,” he says as he attempts to climb a steep hill on the $5,000 machine. “You’re going to hear the motors struggling at me, and it’s going to be growling at me quite a bit.”

Sure enough, the machine gives Knight feedback in the form of “stick shake” – a built-in safety mechanism common to all Segways.

“It does that to let you know you’re doing something real close to the limits,” Knight says as he gives up on the too-steep incline.

The off-road Segway rolls along just fine on most trails in our small test area, although the occasional stick slows Knight down, forcing him to clear his tires.

Knight had used the loaner Segway mod for a few weeks by the time we meet him, so he’s pretty adept at riding and he knows its limits. But a hill covered with wood chips gets the best of even him – he stumbles forward, falling off the machine.

“I tried to lean into it to get it to crawl over, but the bark just shot out from underneath the tires and I couldn’t grab onto anything, and I had to step forward off of it,” Knight says. No harm done, though.

The beta machine is an early production from Off Roads Adventure, a startup that has no affiliation with Segway, the company selling the original high-end scooters.

“Not very many people have tried the Segway at all, and to say that I’ve tried the studded tires, that’s pretty cool,” Knight says.

A link to the article with a movie can be found here.
Off-Road Segway

Well, I guess this does make the Segway a slightly more vesitile vehicle, but I wonder how this off-road segway will perform on the streets. Will people need to buy two segways? will segways become the next SUV? I don’t know, but it is interesting to think about.

What distinguishes the Off-Road Segway from a “regular” one [besides the studs (or lack thereof) on the wheels]?

If they are going to be a $5000 machine, do they really plan on competing with Segway? Segway sales aren’t extremely high as it is, and someone is trying to create competition already (of a higher price)? :confused:

These seem to be simple “bolt on” mod kits for your regular Segway.

I’ll have to guess that adding a bolt on mod kit and going off road with your Segway will pretty much void the warranty. I wonder what the ground clearance is and how many people will try crossing streams with it. It’s a neat idea though and I can just picture in the future having Segway shows similar to car and motorcycle shows where you can show off your Segway.

I’m holding out for the version with Cragars, white letter tires, dual exhaust, air shocks and a 500 Watt stereo (oversize speakers mounted on the back, of course)

  • Oops, I thought it was 1978 again.

How can the segway have dual exhaust if it runs on batteries, and if you put oversized speakers on it, wouldn’t it lean to one side and mess with the gyro-technology? The white letter tires seem to be a good idea for someone who is bored with his/her Segway’s plain tires.

Maybe he was planning on building a hybrid one! :wink:

Not Nessesarily. The gyro should compensate for that and keep it upright.

As for me, I’ll wait for bias ply red lines. :stuck_out_tongue:

A hybrid segway would just add more air pollution (not that I care since I live in a small town and pollution is less common). However, this theory depends on how big the exhaust would be. If it was a medium to small exhaust, then their wouldn’t be much of a problem.

It needs the dual exhaust for the whistle tips. The speakers go on the back, and it is designed to balance forward and backwards, so no problem. :cool:

If the tires are boring, get some chromed rims.


The dual exhaust is for the Rolls-Royce Model 250he slapped on that puppy. Just wait Chris decks out his 'burban :cool:

Chromed rims? What about the tires? :confused:

Chrome rims? nah, go for the spinners at RJ Works, Inc. hot.:cool:

Way cool… :smiley:

I really like the idea of the Segway GT.

Segway GT

Oh yeah, the cool spinners. Those would look pretty cool on a Segway.

Hmm, you don’t really nned those tires. I’ve seen a regular segway go up a pretty steep hill. It wasn’t covered in woodchips, but it was some tightly packed, moist dirt.

Heck with off-road, I leave that to my truck with 24 inch clearance. But what I really need is something to pull up to the club with. While Segway spinners would be hot, I’m thinking a bit bigger, like rolling up on chrome 22 inch Spinners, a DVD player and screen, throw in a PS2, some 15 inch subs, tweeters with a GEQ, and a cooler for your beverage of choice. Ohh and not to forget the underglow, and hyper white head lamp. I just want to see a pimped out Segway. Personally I think an off-road segway is a bad idea.

…Segway with a 250 horsepower Model 250 C20 Engine…Great Scott, I just realized that would have more horsepower than 2 of my monster SC2 Saturns…Unless I put the “burban” engine in the Saturn…then we’ll see what’s what!