Off Road type field

I think since the drive train for 2009 was pretty simple (boring), if next year the ground was uneven, almost off road like, it would make teams really think about how to do their drive system. And to add another twist make them carry an awkward heavy object, with ramps or something to put them on for points. I believe this would make a fun, yet challenging game for 2010.

maybe a construction zone with cones, barrels and jersey barriers too :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I came up with that idea as we were walking through Dillards after Thursday of the Florida Regional… :stuck_out_tongue:

Several people have had that idea of cones. The Michiganders would probably kill us if the GDC did, though. Something about that being their state tree, especially in summer…

If they can make a field with potholes, MI would win for sure!


lol, the cones were my idea, i came up with that in the parking lot at the florida regional on Thursday evening. but then again, your the one who “promoted” the idea of cones… :slight_smile: