Off season 2022 cadathons?

Hi friends!
our team is in the process of building a cad team from the ground up. all but one of our students are inexperienced and our mentor (me) is also not as experienced as he should be.
we are hoping to participate in some cadathons over the offseason. the students need to be able to re-check out their school laptops if these happen during the summer. so I was wondering if there are any cadathons already planned and what the dates are so we can get all that set up ahead of time. thanks in advance!

something you could do to start now is use old cadathons and frc games to start learning. this also means there are resources out there for them


excellent point.

we will likely do this as well.

however we are hoping to get some dates so we can request permission for the students to keep or re-acquire their laptops during the summer.

If your team is not very experienced with CAD, you should check out this CADathon that I created for our team: Game Manual: Summer 2020 CADathon - Google Docs

We ran it just within our team (2 groups of 3), as the culmination of our summer mechanical workshop series (five 1-1.5 hour workshops, each focused on a type of mechanism, with ~20 min of CAD practice in each one). It’s a simpler game challenge than most CADathons I’ve seen, which was great for newer CADers. Fewer mechanisms to design, and less time spent on strategy so they had more time to focus on CADing. Feel free to change and adapt it in whatever way works for your team. I’m happy to share the workshop slides as well with anyone who’s interested.

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