Off season build, RoboRio alternative.

I am looking to build a machine that closely meets FRC’s guidelines. The purpose of this machine is to continue my son’s learning on the off season. This was their rookie year. He is the only programmer on the team. We doubt that there will be much going on with robotics in his school on the off season. With little access to their machine I am curious how he will work hands on and get the trial and error learning experience that he deserves. He wants to try things that he had wanted to do but was not able to due to build time constraints. I am looking at alternatives to the RoboRio. After some research comparing specs I think I might have found something but would like more experienced persons input.

I am thinking about the Udoo Neo

The only con I can possibly see is the 200 MHz Arduino core on the board. Below is copied from the summary page for the NEO.

“The unique feature of UDOO NEO is its heterogeneous processor, based on two cores embedded on the very same chip. We are speaking of a powerful 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A9 and an Arduino UNO-compatible platform that clocks at 200 MHz, based on a Cortex-M4 I/O real-time co-processor, all wrapped into an i.MX 6SoloX processor by NXP.”

To start we are just looking at building the frame and making it move. We will be using all the same parts you would purchase from andymark for their build in FRC.

Look into the CTRE Hero Development Board. It’s built for working with the Talon SRX and works as an excellent test board, along with incredible encoder support, so it can be used even after your build is completed. The only downside is the lack of Java and Labview support, but C# is so similar to Java that your programmers will pick it up in no time.

Here is a link: