Off-Season Championships Idea

Hey, I had an idea for off season tournaments in general (such as before Corona Virus).

I was thinking that we could have off season tournaments like normal, but have a finales like worlds normally has (round robin). The way this would work is that for every tournament, the tournament winners get to qualify for this ‘championship.’ If they are unable to travel, they could have the finalists receive the qualification.

After everyone qualifies at their tournament, they can all compete at the last tournament that is hosted (as it would still be set up and already be finished) and compete. Depending on how it is, i feel a round robin theme would be cool to have.

If you have any other ideas, it would be great to hear. The main reason why I want an off-season championship is just to have more fun as it is fun overall to have competition.


This year - probably can’t hold it sadly.

Any other year - I would love to see it. It would be really cool to see a fall championship qualifying out of offseasons that meet a certain set of standards. The only issue is finding someone to host, which outside of a multinational nonprofit with tens of millions of dollars sponsoring it, would be hard to find.

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There’s… a lot of logistics that go into that. “Unable to travel” has a lot of different possible options but I’m going to be blunt, if a CA team qualifies to go to South Carolina (the last offseason of the year is typically SCRIW), uh-uh. Not during the school year. We’d lose 1-2 full days of school just getting over there. Ain’t happening and I don’t care if it’s the winner OR the finalist or the last place team.

You might be able to do something like that at a more local level–as a California example, the typical last offseason of the year is Battle at the Border, so if you fed AZ and NV offseasons, Chezy Champs, Cal Games, Capital Classic, Fall Classic*, Battleship Blast*, Wings over Camarillo, and Beach Blitz into Battle you might be able to get away with it (ignoring the NorCal/SoCal travel, which isn’t trivial but is routine)–but the San Diego teams then don’t get to have their own offseason in their area unless they start another one.

That said:
@Billfred, weren’t you in that group that was doing a Offseason Champion League or something like that based on points? Or was that somebody else? This was a few years back.

What I would suggest for doing that sort of thing is to do a ranking based on how the team did, number of offseasons attended, etc, and use that. Offseason travel all over the place isn’t really a thing unless you’re either invited to a premier event or can’t get into a local one.

*The decision with these two is do you send ALL the winners or just one day’s worth, as they play a series of 1-day events on the same weekend.


Just send it, bud.


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