By any chance is there any little off season competitions being hosted by anyone in NY?
i want to get the most out of this years “crazy battle” game and do a few more competitions. i don’t think there is much of a chance that the rules will be quite as “malicious” as this years were!

steve, remember, the point of FIRST is not the “malicious” destruction of other robots. if you want that, start a battle bots team at the school (talk to 358 about that, i believe they started one).

as to offseason comps, i think we were going to try and hold a little one, hosting it with 358, but i believe that fell through. apart from that, i don’t believe there are any offseason comps that we will be going to, cause they’re all filled up or too far away. maybe next year.

wait…810, thats stony brook, and 358 is festo right? you guys should host one out here on this island, i’m on 263, and i know we were looking into it also because there is nothing out here for us…so we can;t show off our robots : ( contact me at [email protected] with any competition information you come up with if your gonna host one or want to host one together, if not this year, then next year

LI TEAMS BAND TOGETHER AND HOST A COMPETITION TOGETHER! Find one Place to Host adn the the rest work on getting sponsors for the events and getting the stuff to have a field! I know that team 95 got like 3 sponsors just for the event, maybe more!

i can’t say much, but i believe there are plans going on to host a off-season comp on LI. that’s about all i can say without getting hurt by certain people ;).

This is something we’d been discussing for some time.

We’d like to arrange a Long Island competition for the Fall that’ll let all teams participate. We’d also like to use it as a fundraiser for all the teams involved.

We’d love everyone’s input as we move into summer. Let’s make this a reality. What sort of things would you like or expect to see . . . anything at all.


Well, I would like the competition to be during the summer, preferably before August 17.

/me notes that August 17 is move-in day at WPI :smiley:

As a team leader for 871, I know we are extremely interested in attending a LI off-season competition.

I know from talking to other team leaders the main issue is a location. I’m sure all teams would be interested in helping to build the field and get a competition together, the main issue is finding a suitable location, and re-creating a professional looking field to keep the excitement of the regional competition alive in the off season.

I recommend all team members speak with their team leaders to see if any of their districts are able to host a local event.

Mr. Buonomo

i have a bit of new information for everyone, there is going to be a meeting of the commitee who runs the long island regional plus a certain few extras, i think my advisor wants me to go, and they are going to discuss an ‘official’ off-season competition for long island teams

Yes, the intent of that meeting is to try and create a FALL competition for LI teams to promote their robotics team to new members and give the preious years team a chance to get back into FIRST mode.

A competition in October would be a great way to get everyone reved up for the 2003 Competition.

Aside from that it would be nice to host a “just for fun” meet at a school over the summer. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see the out come of the June team leader’s meeting.

YEAH Don’t loose hope about some LI off-season excitement. It will happen sooner or later. For people will make it happen…
So don’t let those wrenches go on vacation yet wink**wink

achmmm…FIRST rules…achmmm

I’m from team 716, in northwest connecticut, and we want to attend every off season competition possible.

A competition in LI would be great. I’m sure that we would want to go.

LI Teams and others!:
Our principal just okay’ed the idea, meaning if we get collaboration from the teams, we can host one at our school over the summer!
absolutley no other info yet, but if support is shown and if someone else was planning on having one but was having problems of some sort, if you want you can always help us :stuck_out_tongue:
This is just a start of something bigger
Team 271: “All Your Off-Season Comp are belong to us”

/me runs over to bayshore

let’s start setting up the field! :stuck_out_tongue: at least now we have a location to do something at. only thing, do you guys have at least a Main Gym and Aux. Gym, or something similar to that, so we could have a pit area and arena seperate (instead of like SPBLI, cause no high school has a gym that big). can’t wait till this summer, lots of fun… :smiley:

yes, we do have a big gym and a smaller gym at bay shore, we also have 2 cafeterias inbetween them so we can use those as pits also. we will have plenty of room. if anyone wants to help us set it up, we’re open to suggestions. we are gonna try to get as many long island teams to attend as we can, but 716 is always welcome in bay shore.

don’t everyone get too excited yet about all these competitions…me and hosting partners still have a lot of planning to do, and then we will tell you all about them

Bay Shore can’t count West Islip in for a summer competition.

I haven’t spoken to the team, by I am pretty sure that most of them would be willing to donate theyr time and energy to help setup the event. (aka free manual labor)

west islip…as in team 311?? i know they have like 100 members…so i don’t think they would be mad about sending some to help

hahaha no…

West Islip - Team 871 - Rookie Team of about 25 members :slight_smile:

311 is East Islip…

oh, haha yeah, i didn’;t know which was which …at least i was kinda close, got the town right