Off Season Event Question

Hi all -

I am fact checking something. What off-season events have been held that have included both FTC, FRC, and FLL competitions at one time?


Texas Robot Round-up - Austin

Had an FTC competition as I recall as well as an FLL demo area. I am 90% certain I saw a field setup for FLL there, but someone else at the venue (or the organizers) can fact check it.

Duel on the Delaware and Ramp Riot both have an FRC and FTC event but I don’t recall any sign of an FLL event being held that day but I was busy to further investigate.
Monty Madness also had and FRc and FTC event because the memory I remember most from the event was watching an FTC bot burst into flames and watching Nate the head ref blow out the robot like a birthday cake. No sign of any FLL I can recall but I may have glimpsed something there.

Tempest ‘n’ Tampa had FRC, FLL, and Vex competition plus FTC workshops back in 2008 and 2009

Brunswick Eruption holds an official FTC qualifying meet concurrent with our FRC event.

I’m not aware of any MAR off-season events that also have FLL.

I do notice a large FTC presence at MAR events. There might not be much in the way of an official FLL off season event because it might be kinda far from their season and it’s not as easy to scoop up grade school kids and travel somewhere that’s not official.

TRR had the local team who went to the FLL World Festival set up a demo area for part of the time.

SCRIW III had an FLL scrimmage, but it didn’t return for SCRIW IV. Part of that was a venue change, part of it was the mid-October date limiting what a team could actually get done by then. (I know Garnet Squadron’s teams wouldn’t have been moving if we had it this year.)