Off season - event robot/stuff

I am involved with some people and teams to create some off season stuff and we might even be able to get a team off the ground so I am building a robot for show - and to test some stuff I have laying around that was bench tested but not put on a robot yet.

First think a couple weeks ago I did a baseball shooter for a sponsor event and now its converted to a tennis ball shooter and will be mounted on a 3dp robot (minor adjustment)

Tire for shooter wheel printed from TPU, and the mount and trigger mechanism is ABS and very colorful as I am using up started spools of filament. The trigger is a rack and pinion - why? - I wanted to try one out and see if I get all the tolerances right

The frame is plastic reinforced with 1/2 in square tubing both steel and aluminum tank drive with 2 drive wheels and 2 andymark idling omnis (cause I had them and there is no way I get the driving omnis done in time (deadline june 10th and I got the mission last saturday so the shooter got repurposed and most the other stuff is out of stuff laying around here).

Drive is a 8 to 1 reduction with a planetary inside a wheel with bevel input.

mix of hips and nylon. As I said out of stuff available with minimizing printing due to time constraints

Quickly made a motor mount. The motor on this setup was to be mounted vertically to allow more room for intake which is in this case not used (no intake manual loading).

6 Victors on a 3dp board will drive the thing.

So after the 10th - unless there are some other requests I get back on developing the ball drive and kiwi frame.


Mounting the shooter

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