Off Season Events and Tournaments

Hello FIRSTers!

I’m from team 1305, in North Bay ON Canada. We’re about four hours North of Toronto so it’s a bit unlikely to have our community to come down to our regionals. Even so, they love our events like Robomania (robotics celebration at our mall) and enjoy seeing us at countless community events.

So I thought, if we can’t really bring our community to robotics, why not bring robotics to our community?

Next summer I’d love for us to host an off season, FRC tournament. This would include a full size field playing next years FRC game, and a pit presentation area. If we have enough teams participate, we might even have a mini-Chairman’s competition, with alumni or team members from our team to act as judges.

Along with robots, teams could also enjoy what our small city has to offer - hiking trails, camping, decent shopping (decent for northern ontario, anyway) and our community’s beautiful Waterfront.

Is this possible? Would teams be willing to travel four or more hours to come see us? It’s just an idea right now, and I’d appreciate any advice.


Emily Haws

FIRST Team 1305
Near North Student Robotics Initiative
Ice Cubed

I’m sure some Canadian teams would definitely join you! I’m not sure 77WHO!? would be up for the trip for an off season event as we are 8 hours away. We are almost exactly the opposite way from Toronto than you are cause we are 4 hours south :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe some teams from the Niagara area would join too. I know 781 and us were discussing starting a few offseason events in Canada. Im not sure if that will happen any time soon though. :slight_smile:

I’d love to go to or host off season events, two or three regionals and the championship just doesn’t cut it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does North Bay have to be so far from southern ontario? :stuck_out_tongue: We have 4 northern ontario teams, but it’ll be awhile before we have enough to host a Northern Ontario event. Sigh…

If you decide to host anything and need some help, let me know. We’ll help anyway we can :slight_smile:

Hi Emily! :slight_smile:

Our team has talked about starting one in the future, but still being a new team right now, we’re not in a position to go it alone. We’re starting out by hosting an FLL event at our school next year for many new local teams.

We’re in south-western Ontario, London to be specific, and I know we would attend an off-season competition in North Bay. There seems to be demand for a Canadian off-season event. There are 5 Canadian teams (+ 3756. We haven’t officially registered yet, but plan to attend) already registered for Rochester Ruckus, which is a good 4hr+ drive for some of them.

With the high concentration of teams in Toronto (and it’s central location), that would be the ideal location for one. I say we meet half way and host one there together :wink:

And 6 different Canadian teams going to IRI. The demand is definitely there, but with the lack of teams near North Bay the feasibility isn’t great. Many Canadian teams didn’t even have a travel regional, nevertheless a travel offseason event because of both Toronto events, Waterloo, and Montreal are where most teams are located. Ideally an off-season would be near one of these locations.

Maybe 1305 could just help organize one then?

We’ll have one in North Bay when we get all of Northern Ontario FIRSTified :stuck_out_tongue:

I give it 2 or 3 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

We were discussing doing one in Windsor so that we were more central to Canada and USA. That way we could do a competition that is Canada vs. America. Since our school is only a few minutes away from the Ambassador bridge im guessing it be really easy for people to come.

Easy in terms of transportation, perhaps, but the administrative burden of getting students across the border in both directions is significant. US passports are surprisingly expensive.

Welcome to our current IRI headache

Are you going to be paying for Americans to get passports to visit your fine event? I keep trying to get that Breadner guy to do that for the real deal events, but so far, he’s ignored me. :stuck_out_tongue:

You actually only need adults to get passports if the students are part of a group traveling on an educational trip. The old birth certificate thing works for sub-19 students then -

Still, the passports/passport cards aren’t cheap. New passports cost $135 unexpedited. New passport cards cost $55 - U.S. Passports

Wow, I thought almost everyone had passports. I’m guessing it seems like that because in windsor people are always crossing the border. If i am correct you have to have a passport to cross the border at any time now. Not just a birth certificate.

Passport here are $35 for under 16, $85 after.

The whole passport issue aside, I was thinking along the same lines. London is half way between Toronto and Detroit, which makes for a pretty good drawing of teams on either side of the border.

I’m sure 1547 would be up for it! We aren’t too far away :slight_smile: