Off season events per state

Is someone willing to start a map of off season events in the U.S…

Each event should have a location, date and link
Not counting week 0 events at this time.
Full FRC field and a FMS events
I can do this too but if someone else wants to take it on that would be great.

FIRST already lists off-season events if you send them the information.

Information about sending in your event can be found here

Also if you want to request the use of FMS-sync with your event you can do so at this link assuming you are using a FIRST FMS system.

Also you can add off-seasons to TBA here

FIRST and TBA have off season events listed. But they are very incomplete and not mapped.
Calling on the CD community may be the best way to populate a real list.

Minnesota has four this year: Gitchi Gummi Get Together (hosted by 2512), EMCC (hosted by 3130, 2175, 3883, and 3206), Minnesota Robotics Invitational (hosted by 2846), and Minne Mini Regional (hosted by 2169).

Yes the 4 you listed and maybe another one. But there are definitely more than 11 listed by first. TBA has a good list but I feel like there is more nation wide.

Indiana usually has:
Boiler Bot Battle
CAGE match

Any more? That’s just off top of head.

Bonus: I know Ohio at least has CORI (since we’ve been there)

California has 7 I believe.

Fall Classic
Battle at the Border
Beach Blitz
Chezy Champs
Capital City Classic
And Madtown Throwdown

I have made a map for off-season events, linked here:

It is obviously incomplete, but it is open for anyone to edit, so feel free to add any off-season events. If you could also add who hosts the off-season, that would be awesome.

I also split the off-seasons up by region.

Here is a list I have put together for off-season events in the SE. I think these events are typically in FIRST’s off-season list, but just thought I would share.

Added dates.
Also, it’s not a competition, but I would certainly consider it to be an event - IndianaFIRST Forums (10/14)

Upstate NY has:
Rah Cha Cha Ruckus (10/28)
Tech Valley Robot Rumble (11/04)

Downstate has a few, but I might be missing some:
Hudson Valley Ralley (9/30)
Half Hollow Hills Invitational
Ossining O-bot Overload (10/14 - Maybe?)

I could have sworn there were a few others…

The map is close to done. However, I need dates for:

Fall Classic
Battle at the Border
MadTown ThrowDown
Bash at the Beach
Bloomfield Girls Robotics Competition
CowTown ThrowDown
Rattlin’ Robot Rodeo
Houston Robot Remix
Half Hollow Hills Annual Invitational Tournament

If any of you have dates for these, please edit the map accordingly!

I look at Colorado on this map and I cry. :frowning:

Aren’t 159, 4388, and 4499 planning an offseason event in Fort Collins? I haven’t seen official proof of it yet, but it would be awesome if there were.

WVROX is only every other year. Next year not this year.

Neither of those has a published date. There’s a distinct possibility that neither will happen this year.

They were but it’s been pushed off to next year.

Can confirm. We wanted to make sure it was done right, and couldn’t do so in the timeframe we had. My apologies, it was pretty much entirely my fault for hyping it without a full understanding of how much effort would be involved.

I knew it would be a lot. But it is A LOT.

Actually five, the State Championship is not an official event, and occurs after the regular season is over. We also have at least four offseason training events for FRC (Summer Robotics Summit, Jumpstart, Splash, and an event I can’t recall the name of up around Itasca).