Off season fun

Our CAD for the 2013 game will be loaded here soon, but here is the end result of our off-season build. Wafer is 24"x26", chain-in-tube, with custom 5.45:1 polycarbonate gearboxes. We won’t be able to complete the superstructure and Frisbee vacuum/shooter (inspired by Team 33), but that’s okay. It’s been a great learning experience and it’s nice to finish the fall on a high note.


This looks great - the best way to learn is by definitely by “doing”, so I applaud you!

Can you (or anyone else in this thread) explain to me the benefits/reasoning of going with Omni-traction-Omni in comparison to Omni-traction-traction?



For us (im not from 1339) it was namely because we don’t like doing drop-center. Also the turning axis is in the center of the robot where we like to put the Rio with a Navx.

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Neat build!

For your center wheels is that just red “blue” nitrile? What is the difference between that and blue nitrile (Just aesthetics?)

How have the polycarbonate gearboxes been? I have usually been afraid of using such a normally flexible material but it seems it has worked out fine for you guys!

Also, what are the rectangular cutouts in the frame for?

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Hi I’m a kid on the team!

We have yet to put the polycarbonate plating through the ringer, but we are fairly certain it will be able to handle everything we need it to.

The cut outs I can tell you are for us to tension chain. For a long time now, 1339 has used mostly belts and pulleys, but this is our first experiment with running 25 diamond chain.


“kid on the team”, that’s our captain!

The red nitrile is very similar to the blue. We got it to match our team color since it is functionally equivalent (that we know of; obviously testing is in order).


Where did you get it in red? Matches our colors spectacularly!

In this case it was because we were building it as a “fun” robot, wanting to throw Frisbees for little kids, and it would not need to deal with defence. Being un-pushable isn’t as great as I used to think anyway, depending on the game, of course.

This base does still have a small drop center (.1") and we would probably keep that in most circumstances anyway, since the center traction wheel could potentially wear down too much over time.

A final reason we used corner omnis; well, we had plenty of those, and not enough of the pretty WCP wheels to want to use too many of them on a practice build.$smthumb$webparentimage$

Having used polycarb for our gearbox plates the last 2 years, I can safely say that they will hold up well to the rigors of FRC.

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