Off Season Play Time

Hey everyone, I was just messing around with 3D Studio Max 5 and found the “Ink N’ Paint” feature on it. Was this on previous versions of Max??? Because I don’t remember it if it was.

Oh yeah, watch the IRI on Soap 108’s webcast :slight_smile:
(Below’s a picture I did for fun and is in no way the official logo for IRI)

iri 2.jpg

iri 2.jpg

DUDE! How do you do that? That would make all my stuff look So Hard!

If only it were as easy to make other things as it was w/ that logo thingy I made. Basically I just typed in IRI and Indiana Robotics Invitational in the text option, extruded them. Then I messed w/ the Ink N’ Paint feature on Max 5 and applied some other map within the Ink N’ Paint. Then I used a white Quad Patch for the background and put a target spot light on it and made it cast shadows. The light was colored too but I didn’t expect to get that great of a result from it. :yikes:

where’s the cow with a hockey stick?

No Cow, No Hockey Stick.

Just IRI.