Off Season Programming Projects

Does anyone know of some off seasons projects for the programming team to work on? It doesn’t have to do anything with robotics, but just some type of project to keep us occupied. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

Some of my friends on different teams told me of an offseason project that they are going to do that seemed like it was fun. They said that they were going to write apps for the iPhone for whatever they wanted. It’s just something that they are doing to stay occupied through the offseason since the SDK is free from apple. They also said that if the apps end up working well, that they might start selling it on the app store as a fundraiser for their team.

Another project that I’ve been told about that I personally want to do is this:

It’s a link to the instructables on how to do this project. The following link is to a good website explaining more about the project.

Actually, it kinda depends on what language you write in. If you write C++, iPhone is the way to go. If you do Java, Android is the way to go. I(my team) am writing an application that acts as a microdatabase for scouting next year.

May I suggest the Summer PyGames ?

Hmmm I am really liking the idea of making apps. I have messed around with c++, but I’m far more comfortable in java (Plus I have an android phone), so I think I shall tackle making an android app. The self-balancing skateboard seems REALLY cool, but I don’t have the money currently :frowning: What’s a price estimate for it? I’m gonna take a look at the summer pyGames. Looks really cool!

I really want to learn more about JFrames, so I’ll probably be doing that.

A few notes about iDevice apps:

First, unless something has changed, the SDK is not free–you have to plunk down $100 upon first download, and then pay $100 each year after that.

Second, iDevice apps are written in Objective-C, not C++. C++ can be mixed in, but the core structure of your app must be in Objective-C.

We plan on programming for iDevices although more specifically for the iPad since our school is planning on purchasing them for the next school year. Creating some scouting programs for previous years’ games is one example of things to do.

If you can and have dedicated people I would also spend time in the off season programming in preparation for next year’s season. Some examples would be doing some stuff with the sensors and speed controllers/motors to target track, follow line, move the robot dead straight, triple tube autonomous, and turning an accurate angle.

Good luck.

That sounds like fun! Im new to JAVA programming and interested in mobile app development. Could you link us to to their apps after they are finished?
I think I will propose this idea to my team 2477. Thanks for the idea!