Off Season Projects/Events


What is your team doing in the off-season in regards to Competition Events or just fun off season projects?


We will probably compete in the Dual Down Under API event in July.
We are looking at developing a swerve drive, that will probably become a demonstration robot if successful.
Various other training and most importantly, improving the LEDs on the robots!

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My teams making a west cost drivetrain and a goof linear slide/elevator. These can be a fun way to learn/teach students more CAD. Other thing is CADing a electrical board that it clean and very well organized to make it easier going into build szn.

We also plan on going to a few offseason comps. Offseason comps can be a good way to introduce new members to FIRST and let the drive the robot and be on pit crew. Also letting veterans be able to drive can be good too to strengthen participation and attendance.

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Finish our Football cannon from last year (add a loading mechanism) and probably a WCD


1777 will be building a new robot for Cow Tow Throwdown, featuring proper electronics mounting (a big struggle for us this year) and a WCD (new for our team).

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Swerve. An improved cart


We are planning on hosting workshops for our other local teams. Hopefully it works out because one of them showed up to a match without chains on their drivetrain this year.

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Most of our drive team is seniors so we need to get our other students preparation for the next season with some stick time, The Rah Cha Cha Ruckus is a definate event that we will do but we may do one or two more events during the summer as well. Midknight Mayhem is one we went to inn the past. Steel City Showdown of MVRC would be good ones for the team to participate in as well.

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My team will hopefully competing in the Rock River Offseason Competition


Do you have a specific program that targets potential drive team members?


I think that is under the works for us as well! (Swerve Drive)

  1. We are hosting the Colorado Robotics Invitational (CRI) September 27-29. Let me know if you’d like to bring your team. Second year for the event as part of Energy Day Colorado, first year with a full official field.

  2. Training build of a WCD robot for the current game.

  3. A light-up floor (shhh, not telling why yet)

  4. Somethingsomething Evergreen somethingsomethingsomething


We have a lot going on. We’re in the process of forming/mentoring a new FTC team at the middle school near us (with plans to form another team at our other middle school next year.) We’re working on a platform lift for our school’s theater department for their production of Little Shop of Horrors. This involves a continuous elevator designed to hoist a 3’x3’ platform with the dentist’s chair on it up through a trap in the stage floor. We’re building a practice robot to test drive systems (especially a swerve drive.) We have several outreach events scheduled. Finally we’re working on this year’s robot to add a cargo mechanism and better visual recognition. We’ll be competing at THOR in NC come the fall (where we’re hoping to repeat our win last year), usually late September or early October. It will be a busy off-season for my team, especially with mentoring our new FTC partner as they get ready for their rookie season.


We are stationed in GA so it may be quite a far travel, but I’ll let you know if we’d be interested in going!


Wow! Sounds like quite a busy schedule, hope it works out well!

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We also have some ideas for a new Robot Cart and a driver station (fingers crossed)


Team 3134 and 3275 are attending the offseason event gitche gumee get together in Duluth MN (3275 is rebuilding their robot). Hosting our 2nd annual Programming Camp for conference member teams. We are also attending the Northern Minnesota Conference Championship event in Thief River Falls MN in Oct.

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Stop leaking all of our secret discussions smh


Also this chassis is going to be a thing if you come to CRI. See y’all there!


Whoa that’s a small chassis! I could be wrong but it looks similar in size to 971’s robot this year?

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