Off Season Projects/Events

sigh (slow head nodding)

Big Sad :frowning: Hope you guys get it fixed!

Yes robot carts are a great way to learn how to design and it can be used during competitions.

I love it!

I’m planning of making a small 18x18 (or smaller) minibot with two CIMs per side that I can ride on. I also want to replace the normal wheels with omnis for full driftoru and uncontrollability. Me and my friend are also making four basic minibots with plows (DOZER!!!) to play robot soccer with at recruitment events.


6 offseason events, plus hosting one ourselves for the first time. Also the usual training of members filling new roles.


Ok now that sounds like fun

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3468 is hoping/planning to do a few things during the offseason:

  • Re-wire this season’s robot as we have decided to keep it around not only for the offseason, but for at least a few years to come as a presentation/demo bot.
  • Use this season’s bot as a programming tool to teach Java.
  • Build a police “scout” bot for a local PD. Their requirements being
    • Climb Stairs
    • Video Feed to Operator Station
    • 360deg rotation of Video Feed
    • 2-way Audio
    • Reasonably right self or continue to move if flipped
  • Re-wire our T-Shirt Air Cannon Bot, and switch it to using Arduino and OpenRobot

The Police Bot sounds like an awesome idea!!

  • At least one outreach event, probably more.
  • Hosting SCRIW IX, continuing our streak as the Carolinas’ oldest off-season.
  • Hopefully attending THOR too.
  • I’m hoping to kick the team into gear and raise some funds for further tooling in the shop. The Omio gang was working hard to convince me in Houston.
  • Personally, I’m hoping to get to some more places myself. Maybe IRI, maybe AndyMark Fight Night, maybe somewhere I haven’t been.
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IRI Sounds like it would be a great time!

We will see you at SCRIW and hope to see you at THOR as well.

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We’re really excited about the Police Bot, but get back to me after I’ve successfully figured out how to reliably transmit control data, and transmit video/audo, to the thing wirelessly with reasonable range, lol. Top Contender is EZ-WifiBroadcast or one of its derivatives Open.HD

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Also sounds like it’s going to be quite heavy right? I’m assuming the police doesn’t want a bot that falls over then breaks indefinitely.

Learn to use the new CNC and make an off season robot for competition

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I want to say we went with AndyMark’s Rhino Track Drive Chassis Kit (which we received back in December I believe?), and we’ll be doing some work to secure and enclose as much of the controls circuitry as possible. We want it to not be likely to tip, but also be able to tip gracefully

Haha nice! Best of luck and please send me some pictures of the beast when its built lol

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We got a grant and our shop is being redone (read: brought up to code)

We are getting a mill and making a CNC router.

Hopefully start on a T-Shirt cannon

Do some community outreach, recruiting events

Reprogram this years robot to use path planning, do some autonomous, etc

Busy summer!


Outreach, probably some sort of project involving either swerve or butterfly drive, training people on CAD, lathe, CNC (etc).

We’ll attend the WA Girls Generation off-season competition in the fall.


Showed off our semi new demo bot this weekend, hoping to make some additions and modifications to it, and hoping to find different wheels as well

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