Off season Websites

ok, robotics is done (yea I know, I’m laughing at myself too lol).
I dont know about everyone else, but our team has recently hosted off season competitions, Not FRC, that need websites to accompiny them.

I thought that since they are still FIRST related, we could open them up for review that is not bound by the guidelines.:smiley:

Ours is obscenely long i know.
this is last years design, the one I am working on for this year (if we need it) looks something like I will try and get the updated templated up tonight.

Let me know what you think

Thats very cool. The second link has an error 404, might want to look at that. I would like to see the other part though.:yikes:

thanks for the feedback =]

um, can i get a moderator to delete this thread seeing as the website in question is no longer FIRST related? thanks