Offboard Vision Tracking Help

I am currently working on an offboard vision processing application using the given LabVIEW example. I am attempting to send the target info to the robot using UDP, and have noticed others having success doing this. For some reason, though, I can not get it to work efficiently. Right now, I am getting error 74 when running the robot code - Memory or Data Structure Corrupt in Periodic I don’t know what could be happening here, as I have copied and pasted the data right from the example to the code now.

Some more background information: We are using the 2010 classmate, and having that plugged into (and attached to) the robot itself. When we run the app, it takes the CPU of the classmate to ~80%, and there is noticeable lag in the camera feed, where it is fine in the Dashboard on our driver station laptop. One thought I just had while typing this up is that could the laptop be slowing down so much, the data is getting corrupt while being sent? I tried to switch to TCP, but it threw even more errors at me.

I have attached the code here, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. The zip is the entire application for the standalone vision, and the picture is what I have in Periodic

Vision (855 KB)

Vision (855 KB)

Memory corrupt is a harsh way of saying that the typecast can’t create the array of … from the string that it was given.

Connect the error output of the typecast to the edge of the loop, or to a Clear Error function so that it will run with the error being thrown. Then probe the string and see what it is being given. You may want to look at the type you are sending it and make the constant match exactly. Orange colored numerics can be different sizes, and casting types is precise business.

Greg McKaskle