Offensive or Defensive?

What aspects of the game is everyone looking to play to. I was reading over the rules and now because of seeing <G61> I see a lot of potential in blockers. Any thoughts?

i think theres alot of defense that’s going to be played this year. but designing to solely play defense is rarely a good strategy. Alot of teams design to counter defense, either with manuverability or pushing power. but even if your alliance stops their alliance from scoring at all, you haven’t scored either.

a decent medium may be to play defense up until the end game where you have a good minibot, as i see that portion of the game being most of the points… (at least until champs). much like '07 now that i think about it.

still, i always recommend being able to score in some fashion. its difficult to win when relying solely on alliance partners to put points on the board.

Please search before you post.

Well, I realize that purely defense is not the best plan. Most defense robots through the years have done well as blockers and then have an amazing strategy for the end game.