Offer to help de-bag robot/Setup pit @ St. Louis for late teams

Hey y’all,
If your team is coming late to St. Louis, since we’re coming early, GRT 192 is offering to help get your robot bag checked and help unpack a bit so you are closer to getting to the action when you arrive. We’ve helped other teams before, so we’re pretty experienced at the trade. :wink:

Email me at [email protected] so we can set up the logistics and find out how we can help you.

Samir Ghosh

Just an FYI: Robots cannot be unbagged without the lock up form in hand.

And an inspector’s signature!

Last year we uncrated 3 robots for teams and put any parts that were packed in the case on the tables. The robot stayed in the bag sealed waiting for the team to have the bag inspected. This saved the teams time when they came in on Thursday. Just trying to help some other teams.

Our crate is locked but I would love some help when I get there since I am getting to the competition alone. If you have time to check by 1523’s pit around 4:15 that would be great