[Offer] Unofficial Online Robot Inspection 2018

It’s time once again for my yearly offer to help you get through inspection at your events by helping you catch potential problems before bag day.

The idea is this: You send me good, clear, high resolution images of your robot (preferably as an imgur album link or a google doc or whatever), and I give it a once over for anything that jumps out to me as a robot inspector. Obviously, I can’t spot everything from some photos, and this doesn’t count one bit towards actual inspection at your event. My goal is to help you catch the big issues that might exist so that you can fix it now in your shop instead of at the event when you should be practicing. In the past I’ve caught things like illegal parts, bad wire colors, missing required items, etc just from photos. If you have any specific questions about something, be sure to point them out.

This is especially open to rookie teams, but I’m happy to attempt to help any FRC team. If you aren’t already planning your trip through the inspection queue, now is a good time to start. You should have AT LEAST 2-3 students and a mentor who are familiar with both the rules and the robot enough that they could inspect it completely by themselves.

If you want to take advantage of this, do ONE of the following, keeping in mind it may be a day or two until I get back to you.

  • reply here with the appropriate link (this is a public forum, so others may have input for you too)
  • send me a PM on reddit (u/engunneer2)
  • send me a PM on ChiefDelphi (engunneer)

This is a great service to the community.

Those who are sending in photos should include some showing the starting configuration from several angles and photos showing any manipulators that extend beyond the frame perimeter at their maximum extension. A strategically placed tape measure would also help.

Getting early eyes on your robot can be so incredibly helpful. I’ve caught so many things for teams over the years, I won’t even begin to start listing them. Locally, I’ll be visiting a group event in a little over a week, where any team in the area can show up with their robot, get it pre-inspected, and get help from inspectors and CSA’s. Then we’ll have week-0 the following week, where I’m working on getting inspectors at each of our week-0 events (8 events total, serving something like 200 unique teams).

If you can’t get an inspector to look at your robot in person in the next couple of weeks, take advantage of this offer!

Bag Day Approaches. This offer remains open.