Offering Free Roblu Cloud for A Small Favor

Hello all,

My name is Will, and I’m the sole developer behind the Roblu Scouting system.
I’m currently working with several teams on a big update that will release soon (about a week).

Here’s a run down of current features and new features:

  • Custom, always editable forms with 10 unique metrics
  • integration - events, teams, and matches are imported automatically
  • In-app analytics with graphs and charts. Use a predefined CSV export schema or use your own for writing data to a spreadsheet. Export to Tableau.
  • Choose from three different syncing systems (or combinations of the 3) to meet your teams needs. (Syncing methods: Bluetooth, Network, QR)
  • Host your own server
  • Android and Desktop support
  • Open source, thoroughly documented, and a full tutorial series.

That’s only a few of the features! I’ll be posting again at release for those of you who are interested.

Okay, now on to the small favor. Roblu allows users to create a custom form from scratch, but it also has predefined forms that users can select to get started more quickly. I currently have two predefined forms (2016 and 2017), however, this year I’d like to add 5 or 6 predefined forms for 2018. I’d love to have your team send me a custom form that they use for scouting. If you do this, I’ll give your team Roblu Cloud access (24/7 network syncing server that works automatically in the background) that’s worth $8 dollars for the entire FRC season this year. If you’d like to participate:

  1. Watch this form creation tutorial video (if that’s your thing):
  2. Download Roblu Master (keep in mind, this is an old version, but form creation is the same):
  3. Swipe from the left to open the event drawer, select “Edit Master Form”, create your custom form here, and when you’re down, email me at with screenshots of your form, and I’ll add it to the app for next release. Then, I’ll respond with your free cloud subscription.

Let me know about any questions below!

Great idea Will, I’ll have my scouting team take a look this Saturday.

Awesome! Working hard on this end to get new features ready for testing. Thanks for the support!

This deal is now closed.