Offering Website Design Help

I’ve recently started working with the rookie team we’re mentoring, Team LamBot 3478, to improve their website and setup something they can update, edit, and maintain in the future which made me think of creating this thread.

I know there are teams that don’t have the resources/know-how to create a engaging team website that is easy-to-use, edit, and maintain. Some may be “derailed” at some point in the website creation process because they are unable to do something for whatever reason.

I’d like to offer to help any team with any portion of their website. I have a decent amount of experience in this field: it’s my 4th year in FIRST, I have helped our team win several website awards, I do freelance work for several local clients in my area, and work for an Australian company, Envato as a top 500 author on their “website theme marketplace”, ThemeForest](

Examples: I can help create a design for you that you can code or help design, and setup a website in a CMS like Wordpress, or just with specific questions. If your team has a “lightweight” website, I can also offer hosting from MediaTemple.

Congrats Ryan on the website this year. It is really impressive.

Thank you. It was very rewarding to have our team win this award after 4 years of work on the website.

Congratulations on the website award! I was sizing up the competition last week when I looked at your website. Immediately I felt that I found the winner.

I love how ‘shiny’ the site looks. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Also, thank you to all those that have suddenly started to flood our site. According to my Google Analytics, 513 absolute unique visitors have come to our website since Friday and nearly 3,500 pageviews have been recorded. This is about 4x the amount of traffic we normally receive on a daily basis.

Just wanted to remind everyone that I am available to help.