Offering Website Evaluations

Now I know this should technically be in the Website Design/Showcase sub-forum but I wanted this to get seen by as many people as possible.

I know it’s late in the year, and most of the evaluating is complete for the year but I’m going to offer a step by step critique for any team who wants them.

You can see the one I did for 1622 here

I’ve got a list of teams to do, as follows


Anyone who is interested just post a reply with your URL, and whether you want it posted out in the open or in a PM.

If you’re wondering why my suggestions might be worth listening to, take a look at my signature. 2007 Florida Regional Website Award, and the team I mentored this year 2008 Florida Regional Website Award. I’ve also done some evaluating for regionals this year.

This will help wonders for next year, any advice would be helpful.

In the open is fine. Thanks for your time!

Just wanted to say thanks, I know that will be a lot of work.

Could you review ours too please, no rush.


I would love for you to review our team’s site:

We were 3rd at Finger Lakes and heading to Boston, hoping we can do well there!

It will be greatly appreciated if you can review our website

Thank you =)

We would greatly appreciate it if you could please review team 1726’s website:


above post reported.

I filled out an evaluation form for our website team, pretending to be the judges. I’d love to get a second opinion (though they might not, haha).

The url is

You can post it in the open.

Thank you!

Adambots - FRC 245

Content (50 points)

How well does the site explain FIRST and promote its vision?
4 - It’s got tons of good information, and I really like how everything isn’t just a copy paste from the FIRST website. The one thing I didn’t like is that it seemed to cluttered. Maybe put a link to the FIRST history instead of having it all on the same page, you guys have the room for expansion.

Is there a prominent link to the FIRST website on the website home page?
4 - It’s there, but it’s not as prominent as it could be, I really like how you have the FIRST logo and then the rest of the image, just a little bigger and you’ll have something really impressive.

Does the site use correct *FIRST *terminology and contain the updated FIRST logo?
3 - I saw some logo violations, or what was borderline passable, if you’re not sure about what the standards are, there’s two manuals available online, here is one of them. Also, I’ve said this time and time again (just not on CD), FIRST should be, FIRST not FIRST. You had FIRST on some pages, but there were a lot of FIRST’s just open your page in notepad and do a replace all FIRST with <i> FIRST </i>.

Does the website clearly tell the team story and contain the team name, *FIRST *program team number and physical location of the team?
5 - Very very good job on the team story, there was some connection between the reader and the team. I wish you guys would of just said we are an FRC team vs FIRST team. It just helps to identify which of the program the team participates in.

Does the website contain updated information dealing with the current season?
4 - I really like the information you have, the whole week by week thing is amazing, but if you could make it so there wasn’t so much scrolling on each of the individual weeks it would be a lot easier. Maybe put the images in their own scroll box.

Does the website include recognition of sponsors, mentors and volunteers?
4 - There was a lot of text based recognition, but I wish there would of been logos for the sponsors. The mentor recognition page is really good.

Does the website include helpful resources for other FIRST teams?
4 - Theres a lot of resources, they’re just not organized in a way that if its your first time on the size you can find what you need immediately. The links titles on the helpful links page are a little large and its always nice to include a description with the links.

Does the website contain helpful non-text content such as music, sound, animation, or video?
4 - I like the amount of content but it was kind of hidden in the media gallery, you guys have gratuitous amounts of content, it’s just hard to find it sometimes, or find it quickly with out scrolling forever.

Is this site dedicated exclusively to a *FIRST *team and its activities?
4 - Even though you guys have OCCRA content, it’s segregation is good, instead of mixing it completely.

Does this site follow copyright infringement rules correctly?
4 - Theres some logo violations, but other than that I can’t find anything.
Section Total:** 40/50

Visual Design (25 points)

Does the website communicate a visual experience reflective of the identity of the team?
5 - I really love the design of the site, it’s clean and elegant. The yellow does get a little eye retching at times but it’s not over intensive.

Is the site engaging and does it encourage exploration?
4 - The navigation is well organized, but there is just so much stuff that after a while, I got discouraged that I’d ever be able to get to all of it. Overall it is very well executed.

Does the fort size and format make the site easy to read?
5 - The font is a good size, and a generic face - very easy to read.

Does the website contain visuals relating to the current game and the current season’s work as a team?
5 - Tons and tons of stuff, great job documenting your progress, just as I mentioned before, try and cut down on the scrolling.

Is the home pate inviting to all readers, or is it cluttered with team member specific information?
5 - I like the home page, it’s got enough team related content and enough content for visitors to create a nice balance.

Section Total: 24/25

Functionality and Interactivity (25 points)

Does the website work well and the homepage load quickly?
3 - I’ve tried this site on 2 different internet connections and both time it was a little slow on the load for any page, not just the home page. The site works well other than the slow loading. (It’s not that slow, but slower than most sites)

Do the links work throughout the site?
5 - Links work, end of story really.

Is important information easily accessible?
3 - There is just so much information going on here. Yes things are labeled but then you have links off those pages to other pages, it gets kind of confusing. But I really liked the “Start here” pages, they were cool.

Do external links open new, separate browser windows?
5 - I didn’t happen to run across any that didn’t

Can I easily return to the website from an outside link?
5 - I really don’t see how anyone could score less than a 5 here.

Section Total: 21/25

Total: 85

Any questions, just shoot me over a PM

It might be a few hours before I can get another one done, remember kiddies, homework before FIRST :smiley:

List as stands


Please when posting, copy the list. It’ll make things easier for me…and you :slight_smile: (expect your number to be the number of days until you get a response. I can do maybe 3 of these on a good day) I’ll send the poster a PM when I’ve done the evaluating.

Thanks a ton!

we would greatly appreciate any critiques and advice so we can make the best website possible for next year. If you could pm it to me whenever your done, no rush though.

Thanks for doing this Michelle! I know we’ve got some major problems, but it’d be great to get a breakdown of where they are (fixing them will be an excellent opportunity to train whoever will be doing the site next year)., public is fine.

If you could review my teams website that would be great. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate teams websites.

oh wow, You’re gonna be way busy with these, but if you could fit into your lineup, it’d be great.

I’d greatly appreciate a review. Thanks so much!

Can you please evaluate my teams site, Monta Vista Robotics Team #115

Thanks a lot

Michelle has the right idea - if you are interested in improving your website, look at the criteria used in evaluating the sites for the website award (even if you are not planning to compete for the award). You can ask anyone to do it using this criteria.

One thing many sites forget to do is check spelling and grammar. And then check all links to see if any are broken. Two very simple things to start with. Ask an english teacher at your school for help with the proofreading. Another common mistake is to forget to say who you are and where you are located, right up front, on the homepage. A third thing is not defining your audience - is this a website for the public to learn more about you? Then don’t have team content on the homepage (like, the bus will be picking us up on Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. in front of school)! Put it on a team sub-page!
Concentrate on the content of your site, then the layout and design aspects. That often takes two different skillsets; it’s not easy for one person to be both the designer, the webmaster, and the content editor.

Hope these tips help!

hey, our website is new this year so we didn’t have it judged. I am sure there will be lots wrong with it so please let me know. you can say stuff in the open.