Offical FIRST Fourms

I seem to recall in years past FIRST issuing an access code (via TIMS) to the adult mentors for a special fourm where questions, particuarly those pertaining to the application of certain rules found within the manual, could be asked.

Does such a thing exist? If so - where?

Having said that, I will post our teams questions below:

What happens if you robot enters the mouth of the goal. Is there any difference in outcome weather the entry was intentional or not? (Ref. G22)

Can the robot (in the last 20 seconds – finale) expand outside of its length and width dimensions (3828). Rule R11 stipulates that the robot “
FRAME PERIMETER must be comprised of fixed, non-articulated structural elements of the ROBOT. The FRAME PERIMETER must remain a fixed, unchanging polygon throughout the MATCH.” Having said that, would we be able to deploy ramps, independent of the frame, to exceed the 38
28 footprint?

Rule G22 seems seems pretty clear to me. Robots can enter the funnel of the goal. Humans can reach into the CORRAL. This implies that if a robot enters the CORRAL it will be penalized and disabled. I would think that if your strategy requires the robot to penetrate into the goal funnel routinely, you should worry about going too far.

It will show up on the Team Summary page of TIMS in the right column right under the deadline information. You will have a username and password. Mine did not show up until several hours after noon. :confused:

The Forums seem to be showing up in TIMS now; however, the questions as they pertain to the rules still stand.

Any input is much appreciated.


  • Adam

It would be very difficult to do that and retain 100% bumper coverage.